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Backup Your Bandcamp Music

Three NOON albums I bought on Bandcamp are missing from my collection. When I click on „more info” in purchase history I get followig message:

Sorry, ALBUM_TITLE by NOON is no longer available. Please contact NOON for more information.

Contact how? Where is the email? What I will say? Why you deleted your music? The artist has no obligation to use the platform indefinitely.

Funny thing is NOON is still on Bandcamp, only under some other label. Not all album I bought are available under new publisher profile. Probaby some legal/buissnes deal caused this relocation.

Still - I should be able to access music I bought, right? Turns out I can. Through mobile app only. I can listen but download option is basically local cache, no way to export downloaded album. Why? I have no fucking clue.

Fortunately Bandcamp allows you to download DRM free audio files. Do it while you can. Now I’m happy I did.