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Transgression was exhibition of the employees and invited group of students of Intermedia Art Department, curated by Marian Stępak. It took place in Dzyga gallery in Lviv UH.


The idea of the exhibition refers to the notion of transgression, as an aspiration of development in various aspects, among others, of self-fulfilment, thanks to which we can outreach our previous potential of emotional and spiritual development. Transgression is also the aspiration to discover new phenomena, information about the world or about the human. Therefore, we can understand it as a diffusion of various experiences and sensations, which gives the creator a chance to exceed one’s boundaries. Personal transgression includes all those actions which are new and innovative at the same time. While speaking about transgression, romantic values are also worth mentioning. Maria Janion, a notable expert of 19th and 20th centuries’ culture, a historian of literature, ideas, imagination and Polish Romanticism, indicated the values in her research.

Event page and full description

Participants of the exhibition: dr Dorota Chilińska, dr Joanna Chołaścińska, dr habil. Witold Jurkiewicz, dr habil. Anna Kola, prof. Marian Stępak, dr Tomasz Wlaźlak, Magda Górska, Olga Grybowicz, Kasper Hein, Daniel Lewan, Dawid Lewandowski, Alina Śmietana.

My participation

I created series of floppy labels I called „Forgotten discs”. It was inspired by idea of knowledge lost by civilization during its live span. I was also live coding in CFDG during opening in Dzyga gallery. I had a pleasure of designing poster and banner for the event.